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Partially Indonesian

To help kick off and Celebrate Hurricane Irene here on the East Coast , we bring you some fresh  tropical action to make you feel all warm at home next to your Irish coffee and muffin ~ 8/27/11

At the beginning of August Leif and I saw a fat swell coming towards Indo with another one following it … we couldn’t miss the opportunity to score some clips and get out of dodge for a week+

We touched down in Bali – got a few sessions in at Bingin, Impossibles, Ulu’s and a secret right hander on the other side of the island … cruised w/ Santa Cruz ‘Rad’ crew to Nusa Lembongan for a day trip to Shipwrecks, Lacerations, & Playgrounds… and journey over to Lombok for some Desert action…

Hope you enjoy these photos & stream I made! !


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One response to “Partially Indonesian

  1. Philly Faile ⋅

    Sick work Calvin !

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